Thank you for your interest in the Polish barometer of Corporate Responsibility. The aim of the research is the diagnosis of CSR in Polish companies in the various sectors of the economy.

After answering the questions you will receive a diagnosis of CSR of your company against other companies that have already taken part in the CSR Barometer. In a few minutes you will find out whether your company is socially responsible compared to other companies in the market.

The survey results of responsibility of your company compared to other companies you’ll see on the charts for individual questions Barometer, like this:

You will also receive the score. 450 points receives the most, and 0 points the least responsible company in the market.

The survey is completely anonymous and does not address the trade secrets.

The full results of the Corporate Responsibility Barometer will be published online on the site

Thank you for participating in Corporate Responsibility Barometer and answers to all the questions in the questionnaire.

Your company operates in:
1. In our company we use corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
2. Select the statement that best describes your company's approach to doing business:
3. How does your company responds to environmental and social issues?
4. How does your company perceive limitations and restrictions on environmental and social problems?
5. What kind of value is guided by your company in fulfilling its objectives?
6. What does CSR mean for your company?
7. How often your company is committed to solving social problems?
8. For our company CSR is a tool to eliminate our negative impact on society and the environment
9. How does the business strategy is associated with CSR?
10. What is the degree of formalization of CSR in your organization?
11. What stimulates your company to take action towards their stakeholders?
12. What are the expectations of stakeholders towards your company?
13. What has changed in your company after the introduction of CSR?
14. What innovations are implemented in your company?
15. What is the nature of your company's social commitment?
16. How does your company respond to the new challenges?
17. How does your company supports the creation of innovations?
18. How does your company takes innovations?
19. How does your company can get involved in solving social issues?
20. What can help in the introduction of social innovation by your company?
21. How does your company use natural resources?
22. How does your company treat ecological issues?
23. To which groups your company supplies its products?
24. In the case of our company social responsibility is:
25. How does your company recognize with whom should cooperate?
26. What is your company relationships with key stakeholders?
27. Which stakeholders are most important for your company?
28. What kind of tools does your company communicates with the stakeholders?
29. What kind of tools does your company communicates with the stakeholders?
30. What kind of tools does your company communicates with the stakeholders?
31. Does your company have to offer certified products and services (eg. Fair Trade, Eco-label, Purchase prosocial)?
32. Which of the marketing practices have been used by your company?
33. What type of attitude has your company for marketing?
34. How to proceed your company in the field of Human Resource Management?
35. Does in your company is implemented / supported employee volunteering?
36. How does your CSR operate?
37. What level of job satisfaction is in your company?
38. What kind of image-building practices are applied to employees in your company?
39. Which of the activities in the field of diversity management is carried out in your company?
40. How does your company refers to discrimination against other people?
41. Does your company have implemented eco-certification for example. ISO 14001, EMAS?
42. How does your company addresses the ecological issues towards their stakeholders?
43. How ethically ambiguous issues are solved in your company?
44. Which of the following statements are true in your company?
45. Most of our services / processes perform external companies (we are totaly outsourced)
46. Amount of employees
47. Age of the company
48. The origin of the capital
49. Business sector
50. Target market

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